KOMBIC 100 SF 2500 IP43 WW OP BR/BK (K11SF2540OP830NRB) | Lighting and Luminaires | LAMP
Kombic 100 Downlight

Kombic 100 Surface ON / OFF OpalK11SF2540OP830NRBKOMBIC 100 SF 2500 IP43 WW OP BR/BK

Suspended or ceiling mounting downlight model KOMBIC 100 SF by Lamp brand. Body made of black aluminum extrusion with reflector made of recycled polycarbonate R-PC FR WHITE TM non-brominated flame retardant additive. Flammability grade V0 according to UL94. Shiny metalized interior reflector and optical film. Heatsink made of die-cast aluminium. COB LED, colour temperature 3000K with CRI80. Luminaire with electronic wiring included. Insolation Class I. Lifetime: 50.000 L80 B10. With IP43 degree of protection. Group 0 photobiological safety. Environmental Product Declaration - EPD®available, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015.
Color temperature:
Lumen output:
Matte black RAL 9011



Photometric data

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Product variants

CodeWKlm outGearFinishing
K11SF2040OP840NWW13,4W4000K1541-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2040OP840NWB13.4W4000K1541-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP840NRW13,4W4000K1547-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2040OP840NRB13,4W4000K1547-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP840NMW13,4W4000K1474-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2040OP840NMB13,4W4000K1474-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP830NWW13,4W3000K1454-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2040OP830NWB13,4W3000K1454-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP830NRW13,7W3000K1460-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2040OP830NRB13,7W3000K1460-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP830NMW13,4W3000K1392-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP840NWW18,6W4000K2067-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP840NWB18,6W4000K2067-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2540OP840NRW18,6W4000K2075-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP840NRB18,6W4000K2075-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2540OP840NMW18,6W4000K1978-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP840NMB18,6W4000K1978-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2040OP830NMB13,4W3000K1392-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2540OP830NWW20,4W3000K1951-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP830NWB20,4W3000K1951-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2540OP830NRW20,4W3000K1959-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP830NRB20,4W3000K1959-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF2540OP830NMW20,4W3000K1867-Matte Traffic white RAL 9016
K11SF2540OP830NMB20,4W3000K1867-Matte black RAL 9011
K11SF1540OP930NRB13,7W3000K1230-Matte black RAL 9011

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