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La Morera Municipal Nursery

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La Morera Municipal Nursery


Architect: Mateu Barba Arquitectes SLP and Sergi Serra and Marta Adroer Arquitectes

Devoloper: Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona

Constructor: Gruas

Engineering: K2Consulting

Lamp Solutions: Fil 50, Mini Kombic

Year: 2019

Photography: Eugeni Pons

Light applications


The EBM La Morera is located in the Congrés i Els Indians neighbourhood, in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona. It is a new spacious two-storey building with open spaces that promotes educational work through projects and rooms with large windows to favour the entry of natural light, and wooden components to create a warm atmosphere with capacity for 87 children between 4 months and 3 years old.


In terms of lighting, the main challenge of this project was to find a solution that was both extremely sensitive to children's vision but efficient from an energy point of view. The lighting installed complies with the lighting requirements set by the UNE 12464-1 standard in terms of illuminance (300 lx), uniformity and glare index, maintaining the UGR levels below 19, and the energy efficiency values (VEEI) required by the Technical Building Code (CTE). Furthermore, the lightning had to be aligned with the internal protocol of the CEB (Consorci d'Educació de Barcelona) which requires indirect light distribution, avoiding the direct exposure of infants' vision (who are usually lying on their backs) to the light. This is why, in this case, the luminaire chosen required the appropriate power and distribution to achieve the necessary levels, with the minimum possible consumption, while at the same time ensuring good lighting uniformity both on the floor and on the ceiling, thus avoiding excessively intense light spots.


Lamp's technical department provided lighting advice on the most suitable type of luminaires for the infants' classrooms and the rest of the spaces:


- Indirect Fil 50 in classrooms to protect kids' vision by preventing glare;

- Direct Fil 50 in the general spaces annexed to the classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, workshops, etc. which were suspended at a great height to keep them at the same height as the classrooms' ceiling;

- Vertical Fil 50 in the staircase area, respecting the architectural concept of keeping the lighting integrated in the envelopes of the space;

- Kombic for offices and other common areas.


It should be noted that all the luminaires installed in the EBM La Morera are exempt of photobiological risk (RG0) according to the European standard for photobiological safety EN 62471, which establishes a method for assessing the risk of eye or dermatological damage produced by a lamp or luminaire. In addition to being an environmentally-friendly solution, not only because of its energy efficiency but also because of the materials of the Fil 50 luminaires, which are mainly made of 80% recycled aluminium extrusion.

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