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Domo is a range of recessed LED downlights for general lighting applications. The family consists of downlights, both circular (Domo 220) and square (Domo Square) and wallwasher (Domo 220 Asymmetric). In the circular models there is the framed version and the Domo 220 Trimless (no frame) version for minimalist applications. Domo stands out for its high efficacy thanks to its new generation (G2), low glare index (URG<19) and its 50,000 hour lifespan.

Models for MID-POWER, with warm or neutral white colour temperature offering a high CRI>80. Models available with adjustable DALI control gear.

Controllable under the Casambi protocol.

Custom-made possibilities

Dimmable 1-10V
Dimmable 1-10V
Dimmable PUSH
Dimmable PUSH
Dimmable TRIAC
Dimmable TRIAC
Emergency battery
Emergency battery

1H /​ 3H

Bluetooth control
Bluetooth control
4000 K
4000 K

Asymmetric /​ Trimless


Domo 220
CodeWKlm outGearFinishinglmGear
DO2RD20SY830NW21W3000K2054-White2000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD40SY840NW37W4000K3812-White4000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD40SY840DW37W4000K3812DALIWhite4000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD40SY830NW37W3000K3665-White4000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD40SY830DW37W3000K3665DALIWhite4000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD30SY840NW29W4000K2938-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD30SY840DW29W4000K2938DALIWhite3000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD30SY830NW29W3000K2825-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD30SY830DW29W3000K2825DALIWhite3000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD20SY840NW21W4000K2136-White2500Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD20SY840DW21W4000K2136DALIWhite2500Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD20SY830DW21W3000K2054DALIWhite2000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
Domo 220 Asymmetric
CodeWKlm outGearFinishinglmGear
DO2RD40AS830NW37W3000K2737-White4000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD40AS830DW37W3000K2737DALIWhite4000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD30AS830NW29W3000K2110-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD30AS830DW29W3000K2110DALIWhite3000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed
DO2RD20AS830NW21W3000K1534-White2000Non-adjustableCeiling recessed
DO2RD20AS830DW21W3000K1534DALIWhite2000Adjustable DALICeiling recessed

No results found for the current filters.

Light applications


Museo Tysen

Centre Pompidou


Lamp Solution

Domo 220

Complejo de equipamientos del Guinardó_2

Public facilities Guinardó


Lamp Solution

Domo 220

Centro comercial Mayorca

Mayorca Shopping Center


Lamp Solution

Domo 220

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