OCULT SYS. SPOT 500 NW FL DALI BK/BK. (OS1SP05FL840DBB) | Lighting and Luminaires | LAMP
Ocult System

Ocult System Spotlight 500OS1SP05FL840DBBOCULT SYS. SPOT 500 NW FL DALI BK/BK.

Spotlight to adapt to the structure OCULT SYS. model OCULT SYS. SPOT 500 NW FL BK/BK., LAMP brand. Body made of injected aluminum and extruded aluminum cover painted in black. Passive dissipation for a correct thermal management. With quick connection system. Model for HI-POWER LED. With neutral white color temperature and built-in electronic equipment. With Flood optics. Spot high purity aluminum reflector. Class of insulation I.
Color temperature:
Lumen output:
Adjustable DALI
Texturised black RAL 9011



Photometric data

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Product variants

CodeWKlm outGearFinishing
OS1SP05SP840NBB13º6W4000K339Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05SP840DBW13º6W4000K339Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05SP840NBW13º6W4000K339Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05SP840DBB13º6W4000K339Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05SP830NBW13º6W3000K314Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05SP830NBB13º6W3000K314Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05SP830DBW13º6W3000K314Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05SP830DBB13º6W3000K314Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05MF840NBW19º6W4000K356Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05MF840NBB19º6W4000K356Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05MF840DBW19º6W4000K356Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05MF840DBB19º6W4000K356Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05MF830NBW19º6W3000K330Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05MF830NBB19º6W3000K330Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05MF830DBW19º6W3000K330Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05MF830DBB19º6W3000K330Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05FL840NBW26º6W4000K349Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05FL840NBB26º6W4000K349Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05FL840DBW26º6W4000K349Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05FL840DBB26º6W4000K349Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05FL830NBW26º6W3000K324Non-adjustableTexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05FL830NBB26º6W3000K324Non-adjustableTexturised black RAL 9011
OS1SP05FL830DBW26º6W3000K324Adjustable DALITexturised matt white RAL 9016
OS1SP05FL830DBB26º6W3000K324Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 9011



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