Lamp's Dynamic Lighting

Success in Lamp's first Dynamic Lighting workshop

May 23 2019

Lamp's first Dynamic Lighting workshop, which is part of a series of seminars that we are conducting within our training program, took place last May 9th. Its aim is to showcase the latest technological novelties that address the evolution and progressive humanisation of spaces, providing a forum where to discuss the new trends and paradigm shifts concerning lighting and architecture.

This first edition was held in a restored building that housed one of Bogotá's first movie theatres in the 1940s, the Espacio Odeón, located in the city's historic centre. Nowadays, it offers its spaces to carry out innovative and avant-garde cultural projects, preserving the iconic character of its architecture.

María del Pilar Ortiz, Lighting Design Manager at Wework Latin America, opened the conference. Based on the analysis of the social changes that are driving the transformation of architectural spaces, she talked about new trends in offices, highlighting the transformation that workspaces are undergoing. This transformation places users at its centre.

After this first analysis, the speakers discussed the relevance of understanding the relationship human beings have with light and darkness. Human beings, who for millions of years have evolved under dynamic and changing sunlight, synchronise their biological clock with the natural light and darkness cycles. However, according to the information published by the WHO, we currently spend 90% of our time indoors, often subject to excessive static, artificial lighting, which has altered our behaviour patterns, especially natural sleep patterns.

Around 120 participants attended this seminar, including architects, lighting designers, interior designers, and university representatives. The most theoretical part of the conference was combined with practical examples and an application space where participants could interact with technology while generating a valuable debate about the importance of good lighting and its integration with new technologies.

With the purpose of continuing to share knowledge and promote the culture of lighting, new editions of this workshop are planned to be held in Chile, Mexico, the Middle East and Spain during 2019. It's part of Lamp's DNA: To innovate, create and deliver lighting solutions that work. So, stay tuned!

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