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Muncunill's Masia Freixa lights up with colours for the Fira Modernista

Inspired by the architecture of Lluís Muncunill and the drawings and poems of Alexandre de Riquer, at Lamp we designed an ephemeral installation to bring colours to Masia Freixa, one of the most iconic buildings of Terrassa, during the Fira Modernista 2019, one of the most important annual events in the city.

In the "Modern Architecture" article published in 1913, Muncunill quoted: "Buildings must be conceived as trees or as the human body, where the internal constitution harmonizes with the external form of each individual". This fragment served as the conceptual basis for transforming Masia Freixa into a living organism that reflects the transition of the different seasons of the year.

Lluís Muncunill also stated: "In the human figure, there is no straight line, no flat surface, not even a round arch, but smooth curves in harmony with the functions that each organ has to live. Straight lines and angles are hard and arid, while soft curves represent flexibility and sweetness, in short: Life".

This lighting installation was conceived, on the one hand, from Lluís Muncunill's way of understanding architecture and Modernism; and on the other, from Alexandre de Riquer's poem "Credo", which describes the different seasons of the year and the natural colours in each of them.

The installation was therefore programmed with four scenes, comprising two light transitions for each of the seasons, so that little by little, and with the softness of which Muncunill spoke, Masia Freixa adopted the colours of the flowery almond tree, of the wheat and poppies, or the greens on the pine forest of which Alexandre de Riquer spoke, among others.

The project was executed with the Bazz and Bauline structures, which bathed the walls of the building with perimeter lighting, and with the Shot spotlight and the Flut luminaire to illuminate the tower and enhance the roof waves.

Photos: Lamp, Ajuntament de Terrassa and Joan Carles Castell

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