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Kombic square9241560KOMBIC SQ BRIGHT 5000 WW

Square recessed downlight model KOMBIC SQ BRIGHT 5000 WW, LAMP brand. Interior diffuser made of opal methacrylate specially for LED and bright metallic reflector, injection aluminium dissipator and TOR KIT type easy-fit fastening system. Model for COB LED, with warm white colour temperature and control gear included. IP44 protection rating. Insulation class II.
Color temperature:
Lumen output:
Shiny white RAL 2010

Photometric data

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Product variants

CodeWKlm outGearFinishinglmGear
928146024W4000K2131DALIShiny white RAL 20104000Adjustable DALI
928145024W3000K2024DALIShiny white RAL 20104000Adjustable DALI
928144017W4000K1602DALIShiny white RAL 20103000Adjustable DALI
928143017W3000K1522DALIShiny white RAL 20103000Adjustable DALI
924157036W4000K3494-Shiny white RAL 20105000Non-adjustable
924156036W3000K3249-Shiny white RAL 20105000Non-adjustable
924146024W4000K2131-Shiny white RAL 20104000Non-adjustable
924145024W3000K2024-Shiny white RAL 20104000Non-adjustable
924144017W4000K1602-Shiny white RAL 20103000Non-adjustable
924143017W3000K1522-Shiny white RAL 20103000Non-adjustable
928157036W4000K3494DALIShiny white RAL 20105000Adjustable DALI
928156036W3000K3249DALIShiny white RAL 20105000Adjustable DALI