KOMBIC 150 RD 3200 IP23 9NW RF WF BK/BK (K21RD3023RW940NBB) | Lighting and Luminaires | LAMP

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Kombic 150 Downlight

Kombic 150 ReflectorK21RD3023RW940NBBKOMBIC 150 RD 3200 IP23 9NW RF WF BK/BK

Round recessed downlight model KOMBIC 150 RD by Lamp brand. Reflector made of recycled polycarbonate R-PC FR WHITE TM non-brominated flame retardant additive. Flammability grade V0 according to UL94. Interior reflector and frame in black finish. Heatsink made of die-cast aluminium. COB LED, colour temperature 4000K with CRI90. Luminaire with electronic wiring included. Insolation Class II. Lifetime: 66.000 L80 B10. With IP23 degree of protection. Group 0 photobiological safety. Reflector aluminium Wide Flood to achieve a controlled light distribution and low glare level UGR 19.
Color temperature:
Lumen output:
Matte black RAL 9011



Photometric data

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Product variants

CodeWKlm outGearFinishing
K21RD3523RW840NWW25W4000K3420-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW840NMW25W4000K3420-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW840NBW25W4000K3400-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW840NBB25W4000K3400-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RW840DBB25W4000K3400DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RW830NWW25W3000K3259-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW830NMW25W3000K3259-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW830NBW25W3000K3239-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RW830NBB25W3000K3239-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RW830DBB25W3000K3239DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RF840NWW25W4000K3303-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF840NMW25W4000K3303-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF840NBW25W4000K3383-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF840NBB25W4000K3383-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RF840DBB25W4000K3383DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RF830NWW25W3000K3146-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF830NMW25W3000K3146-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF830NBW25W3000K3223-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3523RF830NBB25W3000K3223-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3523RF830DBB25W3000K3223DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW940NWW25W4000K2962-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW940NMW25W4000K2962-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW940NBW25W4000K2944-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW940NBB25W4000K2944-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW940DBB25W4000K2944DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW930NWW25W3000K2780-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW930NMW25W3000K2780-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW930NBW25W3000K2763-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW930NBB25W3000K2763-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW930DBB25W3000K2763DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW927NWW25W2700K2651-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW927NMW25W2700K2651-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW927NBW25W2700K2635-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW927NBB25W2700K2635-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW927DBB25W2700K2635DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW840NWW17W4000K2598-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW840NMW17W4000K2598-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW840NBW17W4000K2583-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW840NBB17W4000K2583-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW840DBB17W4000K2583DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW830NWW17W3000K2475-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW830NMW17W3000K2475-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW830NBW17W3000K2460-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RW830NBB17W3000K2460-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RW830DBB17W3000K2460DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF940NWW25W4000K2860-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF940NMW25W4000K2860-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF940NBW25W4000K2929-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF940NBB25W4000K2929-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF940DBB25W4000K2929DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF930NWW25W3000K2684-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF930NMW25W3000K2684-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF930NBW25W3000K2749-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF930NBB25W3000K2749-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF930DBB25W3000K2749DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF927NWW25W2700K2560-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF927NMW25W2700K2560-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF927NBW25W2700K2622-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF927NBB25W2700K2622-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF927DBB25W2700K2622DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF840NWW17W4000K2509-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF840NMW17W4000K2509-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF840NBW17W4000K2570-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF840NBB17W4000K2570-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF840DBB17W4000K2570DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF830NWW17W3000K2390-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF830NMW17W3000K2390-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF830NBW17W3000K2448-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD3023RF830NBB17W3000K2448-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD3023RF830DBB17W3000K2448DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW940NWW17W4000K2250-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW940NMW17W4000K2250-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW940NBW17W4000K2236-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW940NBB17W4000K2236-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW940DBB17W4000K2236DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW930NWW17W3000K2112-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW930NMW17W3000K2112-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW930NBW17W3000K2099-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW930NBB17W3000K2099-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW930DBB17W3000K2099DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW927NWW17W2700K2014-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW927NMW17W2700K2014-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW927NBW17W2700K2002-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW927NBB17W2700K2002-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW927DBB17W2700K2002DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW840NWW12W4000K1948-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW840NMW124000K1948-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW840NBW124000K1936-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW840NBB124000K1936-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW840DBB12W4000K1936DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW830NWW123000K1854-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW830NMW123000K1854-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW830NBW123000K1844-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RW830NBB123000K1844-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RW830DBB123000K1844DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF940NWW17W4000K2172-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF940NMW17W4000K2172-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF940NBW17W4000K2225-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF940NBB17W4000K2225-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF940DBB17W4000K2225DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF930NWW17W3000K2039-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF930NMW17W3000K2039-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF930NBW17W3000K2089-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF930NBB17W3000K2089-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF930DBB17W3000K2089DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF927NWW17W2700K1945-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF927NMW17W2700K1945-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF927NBW17W2700K1992-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF927NBB17W2700K1992-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF927DBB17W2700K1992DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF840NWW12W4000K1881-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF840NMW12W4000K1881-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF840NBW12W4000K1927-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF840NBB12W4000K1927-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF840DBB12W4000K1927DALIMatte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF830NWW12W3000K1792-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF830NMW12W3000K1792-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF830NBW12W3000K1835-Matte white RAL 9010
K21RD2023RF830NBB12W3000K1835-Matte black RAL 9011
K21RD2023RF830DBB12W3000K1835DALIMatte black RAL 9011

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