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Lamp Awards 2009

Logo LAMP Awards

Nueva Sede del Teatro Arbolé

Indoor Lighting
Zaragoza, Spain

A new theater for a puppet company with 30 years of history, a space for children, dark and mysterious, with glitter and flashes of color at the same time. Half-buried in a structure of the Water Park, docked against the slope of the road, the roof is a large balcony over the botanical gardens of the park. Access takes place at the level of the gardens, and the plateau descends embedded in the ground. The whole theater is a sealed glass, reinforced and ballasted to prevent the entry of water and the thrust of the water table, which oscillates frequently.

Children access through a lobby-library, in which a projection screen segregates the bathrooms.

AUTHOR OF THE LIGHTING PROJECT: aldayjover Arquitectos

ARCHITECTS OF THE PROJECT: aldayjover Arquitectos

PROMOTER: Teatro Arbolé