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Mun, light to watch and light to contemplate

The perception of light is a sensory experience, which encompasses both purely physical aspects and other emotive aspects. As such we may understand light as a tool for meeting the requirements of purely technical and functional aspects at the service of an area, but we can also use it as tool to generate surroundings and which functions as an element which provides information in itself. Light to watch and light to contemplate. Why not incorporate both views in the same family?

There are types of products on the market which turn into general products. Products which appear in countless catalogues and none of which provide anything special, but which in reality are necessary to meet certain needs.

As designers, when faced with the challenge of a such a project, we are left with the doubt: How can we bring value to the design of such a standard product?

From a functional point of view the Mun Light downlight family enables us to generate lighting projects with soft light as a base of ambient lighting, while the range of Mun Dark mounted luminaires helps us create luminous compositions which generate environments with the same formal language.

The Mun family is formally created based on a basic and universal geometry, a point. A point which grows in accordance with the Fibonacci spiral and which relates to the different elements of the family. A point which enables us to create like engineers and model like designers.

In brief: watch, contemplate and compose.

Design by Lamp Lighting



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