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Gecina 30 Rue Guersant

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Lamp-guersant-fil led rec-2

Gecina 30 Rue Guersant


Architect: Lobjoy Bouvier Boisseau

Devoloper: Gecina

Constructor: ERI

Engineering: SF2I

Lamp Solutions: Fil LED, Fil LED Rec, Moody, Fine LED Strip, Mini Kombic, Bazz Rec

Year: 2018

Photography: Baptiste Lobjoy / Lobjoy & Delcroix

Light applications


The Gecina offices required, in the first place, modularity in spaces, meaning that the space had to offer a maximum degree of flexibility depending on the users and activities on each floor, providing the possibility of modifying compartments between spaces, adapting and evolving according to the users' needs.

In addition, the luminaires also needed to be regulated automatically and controlled remotely to improve comfort and experience. Finally, there was a great demand from the energy efficiency standpoint as the building would be BREEAM and HQE Excellente certified.

To meet all the project requirements, at Lamp we adapted our Fil LED surface luminaire to improve performance by accelerating the transition to a new generation of LEDs. On the other hand, we adapted the length of these structures to facilitate installation and integrate them into the frames designed in the architectural project. Lastly, we integrated brightness and presence sensors to achieve optimised lighting and better use of natural lighting implementation strategies.

In those cases where a sensor was not required, an aluminium cover was placed to preserve the area's aesthetics, yet leaving the option to install a sensor in the future, if required.

Apart from offering a customised product to meet the modularity, aesthetics and installation requirements, Lamp also performed an analysis that enabled the segmentation of different LED power supply levels to adapt to the flows and power the project needed to obtain the previously mentioned certifications.

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