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To add value is to have answers

Understanding, designing and providing solutions. When a project is made-to-measure, it’s not the complexity that is amplified, but the challenge. While the variables are multiplied, so are the answers. This is why each finished project never resembles the one that came before it nor the one that comes after. At Lamp, challenges are our passion.

Our goal is to find a lighting solution in the size and shape of your needs, and to develop it from the start to the end of the process. We offer you our commitment to design and engineering, awareness for creative innovation and attitude and ongoing implication at each stage. This is how we see consultancy.


Special products for unique projects

Our creation process goes way beyond standardised production. We nurture the design and materialisation of each of the luminaires in our catalogue, as well as those of our made-to-measure lighting systems. At Lamp, we are experts in bringing your project to life. We deliver with dutiful craftsmanship and the guarantee of a great team.


We design light

2,341. This is the number of products in our catalogue. These include 42 interior series, 25 exteriors and 2 drivers and control systems. Recessed, spotlights, downlights, wall-mounted, bollards, urban luminaires... Our dictionary is endless and the possibilities are vast—letyour imagination meet our years of experience manufacturing lighting systems.


Lighting systems merged with space

Made-to-measure” is a philosophy that goes beyond theory. It spans customised design to the staging of the luminaires, without overlooking detailing in manufacture. We make sure that each project fits once developed and transferred to its space. Quality and efficiency are our hallmark that bring the process to a close.

An installation works when space and light are one. We address each variable to ensure that nothing is lacking or in excess. We are only at ease with satisfied customers.


Before, during and after

We believe that a project is not over when the last luminaire is in place. Excellent service includes enjoying a lighting system that stands the test of time. This means updating and maintenance. It translates to a relationship that is as tight as the first day, because we’re there for you each step of the way.

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