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Introducing CircuLight, Lamp’s Technological Update Service

Mar 7 2024

  • Lamp is launching a new service, CircuLight (Upgrade Service), aimed at promoting a genuine circular economy, focusing on the renewal and updating of already installed luminaires
  • Through the technological updating of a building’s lighting, its energy efficiency is enhanced, its environmental footprint is reduced and the well-being of users is heightened
  • This new service stems from Lamp’s ongoing commitment to innovation, the pursuit of people’s well-being and a positive impact on the environment

Advancing towards a truly circular economy, where we produce less waste by extending the lifespan of our products and reusing those we already have. With this objective in mind, “Circulight” is launched, Lamp’s innovative Technological Update Service. Lamp, a leading company in the design and production of advanced technical lighting, aims to revolutionise the lighting industry by promoting the renewal and technological updating of luminaires installed in buildings or any other type of facility.

“Through this new service,” comments David Testar, Lamp’s Director of Operations and member of the sustainability committee, “we extend the lifespan of luminaires by prolonging their period of use through Life Cycle Analysis, offering more resilient lighting solutions.” The technological upgrade of lighting is faster, more convenient, shortening installation times by 20-30%, and also improves the quality of light and the well-being of users by incorporating the latest technological advances.

Among its numerous benefits, this new technological update service brings about economic savings of 15–30% compared to the expense of purchasing and installing new luminaires. Additionally, it leads to an improvement in energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings of over 50%. Regarding sustainability, the environmental impact of the building is minimised by avoiding waste generation, and CO2 emissions are reduced both through decreased energy consumption and the reuse and updating of installed products.

The scope and process of this new Lamp service include evaluation, diagnosis and proposing optimal solutions for the customer, updating, maintenance, installation, commissioning and certification. In detail, each update service would address the following milestones and phases:


01 Initial audit and diagnosis of the facility’s current condition

02 Feasibility project and environmental impact assessment


03 Recovery of installed luminaires

04 Technical analysis to assess and identify the type of work to be carried out

05 Maintenance and cleaning work

06 Development and manufacture of Plug&Play modules (on-site/in-house)

07 Digitalisation and integration with several control systems

08 Quality tests, electrical and mechanical laboratory testing

09 Warranty extension certification


10 Delivery of the material and management of the waste generated in-house

11 Turnkey service (installation and commissioning)

“From our ongoing commitment to making the lighting industry more sustainable and environmentally positive; from our recognition of lighting as a crucial element for enhancing people’s well-being; and from our firm dedication to innovation projects, seeing them as integral and systematic processes within our value chain. Out of all this, Circulight emerges, a new service aligned with our key strategic objectives, and one in which we are already investing all our care, effort, dedication and work,” concludes Ignasi Cusidó, CEO of Lamp.

Case Study

Learn about the successful cases implemented by CircuLight, through which it has been possible to generate energy savings of more than 50% and emission savings of more than 300 Tn of Co2eq.

CircuLight: Encants Market 

Ciculight: INACAP Headquarters

Recognition for the initiative

Circulight has been developed within the framework of RE-CENTRE, overseen and promoted by the Ambit Foundation, which aims to assist SMEs in developing innovative projects and new business models to enhance competitiveness and resilience.

The project, submitted to the open call of RE-CENTRE last July alongside the company Lùcid, was among the 20 selected proposals, ranking fourth at the European level.

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