Case study: INACAP technological renovation

Case study: INACAP technological renovation

Mar 7 2024

The headquarters of the INACAP (Professional Training Institute) in Santiago, Chile, have undergone a technological renovation to implement a more sustainable lighting solution, improving energy efficiency and increasing the service life of the light fittings, while also improving visual ergonomics.

Saving and improvement data:

  • Energy savings of over 55%, with total annual savings quantified at 1,719,000 kWh.
  • They have avoided emitting 318 tn of CO2 eq into the atmosphere, thus mitigating the effects of GHG emissions.
  • The light fittings now provide more comfortable lighting.

Renovation and optimisation of processes

The service provided in this project involved renovating the over 20,000 Fil light fittings installed at the centre to incorporate LED technology, which is more efficient than the original fluorescent lighting. The 54 and 28W tubes were therefore replaced by LED linear light engines, which consume 24 and 14 W respectively. They are manufactured at our facilities in Chile, offering energy savings of over 55%, with total annual savings quantified at 1,719,000 kWh.

The collaborative work of the engineering team at the HQ, along with the local team at our factory in Chile, enabled the design of pre-assembled modules, which optimise the replacement on site, avoiding the need to dismantle the light fittings. This allowed more than 25,000 metres of extruded aluminium to be reused in perfect condition, thus avoiding the emissions generated by a new profile extrusion that would have been necessary for the installation of new light fittings. This avoided the production of 318 tn of CO2-eq emissions.

In addition to reducing the environmental impact of this renovation, the project has also improved the lighting conditions at the at the Professional Training Institute headquarters by providing the facilities with a lighting solution that improves visual comfort, thanks to the implementation of new prismatic diffusers that offer better control of light distribution and an optimum glare index (UGR<19), as well as better light quality, offering solutions with a high colour rendering index (CRI>80) and a flicker-free effect.

Work carried out:

  • Initial audit and assessment of the original facilities;
  • Feasibility project and environmental impact assessment;
  • Design and industrialisation of pre-assembled light module with fast connection;
  • Recovery of obsolete light sources and appropriate waste management;
  • On-site installation and start-up of new lighting modules;
  • Refurbishment of optical parts and technical diffusers in the light fittings;
  • Lighting and electrical quality testing at the facilities;
  • Warranty extension certification;


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