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Happy first anniversary! :)

Here at Lamp Lighting, it's our anniversary! We know, we know... time flies and this December will mark a year since we became part of Nordeon Group, one of the most important lighting system manufacturers in Europe, based in the Netherlands.

In the words of Louis van Uden, Nordeon Group's CEO: "it has been almost a year ago that Lamp Lighting became a very welcome member of the Nordeon Group. Right from the beginning we all perceived this as a great addition to our company. The strong presence of Lamp Lighting in markets like latam America and Middle East, the nice product range and the great connection to the world of architects, lightplanners and others, does really give our company an advantage. And of course the great staff and professional management really gives our company an additional edge".

We are very pleased to have achieved the aims that we set for ourselves a year ago. Since then, we have grown and have become more competitive; we now have the technological foundations and global infrastructure for Lamp Lighting to continue growing in the digital age.

According to Ignasi Cusidó, Lamp Lighting's CEO, "the main goal of merging was to create synergies to boost Lamp's growth across the world. This year, Lamp sales will grow by over 30%, quadrupling its profits. This growth is on both a national and international scale, mainly in Latin America and the Middle East".

"Another of our aims was to complement the Lamp product range with other brands' product lines, to help us expand into new sectors. For example, with Nordeon brand products, in just one year we have successfully sold over 1 million Euros in sectors such as Retail and Industry. We are also beginning to create projects with Schmitz and Hess, mainly in Spain and Latin America", Ignasi Cusidó continues.

We would like to thank the different brands comprising the company - Hess (Germany), Wila (Germany), Schmitz (Germany), Vulkan (Germany), Nordeon (France) and Griven (Italy) - for being such reliable partners, united in their ability to be both local partners and to work on a global scale. We are also grateful to the technology and development company VIAPAQ, specialised in R+D, also part of the group and which has factories in France and Finland.

"Of course synergy is our main objective and succesful cooperation should be the basis. It that way the participation of the other Nordeon Group companies in this year's Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards was a major step forward. This next to the integration of our Middle East sales offices and of course the cross selling of our broad Nordeon Group range of products and brands", states Louis van Uden.

Lamp Lighting's CEO, Ignasi Cusidón, concludes by saying: "Lastly, Nordeon Group synergy projects have helped us to consolidate our international presence and, at the same time, to break into new markets. The Lamp office in Dubai, which previously had 2 staff members, now has a full 6-person team, with Business Developers and Engineers. And right now, we are planning for the entry of Lamp products into the US market, via Hess' factory in South Carolina".

Across all its companies, Nordeon Group now has over 1,000 employees and boasts a presence in fifteen countries, allowing it to form a commercial network which, in practical terms, covers all global markets.

As Louis van Uden states "when the first anniversary between Lamp Lighting and Nordeon Group is an indication of the years to come, we are looking forward with great confidence and high expectations! Once again; Lamp Lighting, very welcome within the Nordeon Group!".



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