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Fil 35, reinventing a classic concept: Lighting expression

Jul 29 2020

The most miniaturised version of Fil preserves its linearity, bringing this lighting solution to extremely demanding spaces as regards form by fully integrating with them. Fil 35 is the structure that incorporates maximum technology in minimum volume.

Always seeking to provide luminaires design focused on user well-being, Fil 35 is designed to meet the most demanding criteria in this regard.

Design and installation

Fil 35 is a family of linear luminaires in a wide range of lengths. Six standardised dimensions are available (840 mm / 1,120 mm / 1,400 mm / 1,680 mm / 1,960 mm / 2,240 mm), and special lengths can be customised. Given the miniaturised dimensions of its profile, it enables the product to perfectly integrate with the space.

In addition, Fil 35's versatility enables surface, recessed and trimless installations.

With standard finishes in white, black and grey, it also includes a specific palette, Biophilia, based on colours that encourage reconnecting with nature in interior spaces.

Horizontal and vertical corners for 3D configurations

One of the greatest characteristics of this product is the freedom of expression provided by its compositions that offer combinations with 90º corners both horizontally and vertically, in order to create 3D configurations.

Lighting solutions

Fil 35 has versions with Opal optics, maximising light uniformity and efficiency, and Opal Comfort optics for aesthetic consistency, providing high comfort and lighting control, thanks to a diffuser manufactured with a technical optical film.

It also offers a version with direct-indirect distribution.

Fil 35 is classified as 'Group 0' in the EN 62471 standard on Photobiological Risk; therefore, this range is totally free of photobiological risk, complying with the highest safety requirements health wise.

Finally, it also includes models with colour temperature of 3,000K, 4,000K and 2,700K options, adjustable DALI systems, and optional control through Bluetooth LE.

Well-Being Technology

Fil 35 also offers a wide range of technological possibilities to adapt to the needs of each application and can incorporate Well-being technology.

This technology takes maximum care of the users' eye health while helping to synchronise the natural biorhythms of the human being. It achieves so by reducing the most aggressive emissions of the light source's spectrum and maximising the most effective emissions for circadian activation. It is a type of lighting technology with people's well-being at heart.

If you would like any further information about the formal, lighting or technological adaptations we can develop in order to meet the requirements of your project, please contact our co-creation service.

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