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Lamp Awards

Lamp Awards - Contest rules

Download the contest rules in pdf here or read them below:


1. OUTDOOR LIGHTING: lighting projects (non ephemeral) for outdoor illumination works built such as: facades, monuments, sport facilities, public squares, roundabouts, streets, parks, bridges, tunnels, etc.

2. INDOOR LIGHTING: lighting projects (non ephemeral) for indoor illumination works built such as: shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, offices, exhibition halls, etc.

3. INSTALLATION LIGHTING: lighting projects (ephemeral), both for outdoor and/or indoor spaces, kind of more artistic, playful, social, etc.

4. STUDENTS PROPOSALS: this year theme is “Luminous ambiances within a large scale”, lighting projects, both outdoor and/or indoor, in which light can create atmospheres. How light and lighting can help to create luminous ambiances in large scale spaces or territories, dealing with both the city geography and the human scale: large urban areas, nightscapes, transport interchanges, leisure parks, city centers, social housing, etc. Only idea-based/conceptual projects will be accepted (that is, projects not built).

*Bear in mind that the projects must incorporate creativity, innovation and sustainability.

**Only daylight based projects, entertainment lighting projects, and luminaire design will not be accepted. Remember it’s not a product design contest.

Who can participate

Any lighting designers, architects, urban planners, interior designers, engineers, landscapers or students who are authors of the lighting project. There are no restrictions on age, nationality or place of residence.

*Lighting distribution companies are not allowed to participate.

**Projects submitted in previous Lamp Awards will not be accepted.


We accept all types of architectural lighting projects whose building works have been finished between 01.01.17 and 31.12.18; regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project. Each contestant can participate in all the categories, with no limit of projects per category.

Registration and submittal

The registration for the awards and the submitting of necessary documents required for participation can only be made on line at, between 01.10.18 and 31.01.19, according to the following process:

1. Register as a contestant on filling out the “Contestant Data” form.

2. Once registered as a contestant, enter the private area with your e-mail and password to be able to present your project/s.

To register a project, select the category in which you want to participate, complete the “Project Data” form and attach a pdf that meets the following requirements:

  • it must be 1 DIN A3 pdf sheet (it can’t be more than 1 sheet)
  • it must be horizontally read (it can’t be vertically read)
  • it must not indicate the authorship, that is, it must be an anonymous pdf
  • it must include the datasheet*
  • it must have a file size of max. 5MB

Furthermore, the jury will take into consideration if contestants accompany the sheet submittal with a video that meets the following requirements:

  • it must be MP4 format (any other format is not accepted)
  • it must last max. 1 minute
  • it must have a file size of max. 50MB
  • it must be a video, photography slide shows are prohibited

*You will find examples of sheets including datasheets here. Please note the datasheet must be included in the sheet as for the text, but the text and pictures layout is free.

**The sheets or videos not meeting the requirements will be desqualified.

3. Repeat the process if you want to submitt more projects. All the projects will be saved in “My Projects”.

4. Confirm the entry of the project/s when the entire process is completed.

*The program allows you to save, modify, update and/or delete content. All content saved -still unconfirmed- at the time of closing entries the 31.01.19 at 23:59h (Spanish hour) will be considered project confirmed to compete.

International jury

  1. Roger Narboni. Lighting Designer and President of the Jury. (France)
  2. Uno Lai. Lighting Designer. (Taiwan)
  3. Paul Nulty. Lighting Designer. (United Kingdom)
  4. Aleksandra Stratimirovic. Lighting Designer. (Sweden)
  5. Pascal Chautard. Lighting Designer. (Chile)
  6. Hilde Léon. Architect. (Germany)
  7. Antonio Ruiz Barbarin. Architect. (Spain)
  8. Mercedes Isasa. Interior Designer. (Spain)

*No member of the jury can submit a project in which they took part and cannot have any family relationship with any of the contestants.

**The jury reserves the right to visit the projects presented.

***The jury reserves the right to disqualify a project if considered appropriate.

Selection process

1st PHASE – SELECTED: at the end of February the jury will select approximately 20 projects per category which will pass on to the following phase. The selected projects will be announced on Lamp Awards Facebook.

Lamp will contact those selected by email in order for them to send, within a period of 10 days, the Lighting Project. This must include graphic and written information which allows to assess the objectives it pursues and shows the specific lighting solutions adopted in terms of concept, light sources, lighting units and control systems. This must be submitted in printed form (not digital), DIN A3 or DIN A4, at LAMP HQ in C/Córdoba 16 08226 Terrassa (Barcelona) SPAIN, within a period of 10 days from the receipt of the email.

2nd PHASE – FINALISTS: the jury will meet at the end of March to decide on the 4 finalist projects for each category and the 4 winners. If appropriate, the jury may consider more than 4 projects per category as finalists and give honorable mention to any project they deem worthy. The finalist projects will be announced on Lamp’s website and social networks.

Lamp will contact the finalists by email in order for them to hand in all the necessary graphic material and information required for the LIGHTING CONCEPTS '19 book. This must be submitted in digital form by to within a period of 10 days from the receipt of the email.

*The material that is not delivered within the stipulated timings will be disqualified.

**It is mandatory for the finalist to indicate Lamp the author of the photos/videos transferred.

***Lamp is not responsible for paying copyright of photos/videos transferred.


The jury will determine 1 winner per category with a total economic reward of €10.000:

Outdoor Lighting Award: €3.000
Indoor Lighting Award: €3.000
Installation Lighting Award: €3.000
Students Proposals Award: €1.000

The jury’s verdict will be announced at a special evening event in Barcelona during the month of June 2019.

*The award cannot be declared void or granted “ex aequo”.

**The jury may award special mentions if considered appropriate.

Terms and conditions

Lamp will be able to use all the submitted material provided by the contestants (photographs, videos, memories, etc.), exempt from payment of copyright, for the development, promotion and dissemination of the contest itself in publications, exhibitions and communications.

Lamp does not take responsibility for the veracity of the data provided by the contestants, understanding that contestants that present a lighting project are the real and unique authors of it; or if they are together with a partner, they have previously informed this partner on the submission to the contest and have their full approval.

Once the current edition ends with the corresponding award ceremony, Lamp reserves the right to destroy the submitted material. If you want to recover the submitted material you must notify before the awards ceremony takes place.

Participation in these awards implies the total acceptance of the contest rules; as well as the acceptance of being part of the database of the company Lamp.

The announcement of the Lamp Awards 2019 is made public by means of these contest rules and through any appropriate media.

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