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You haven’t got Lamp’s new Working yet?

Apr 4 2018

Lamp’s new Price List and the new Working 2018 came into force on 15 March. The new price list includes 2,334 references, 648 of which are new this year.

In 2018 we have redefined our corporate identity, which has meant making some changes to our brand image. This is also why we wanted to include a corporate introduction at the start of our catalogue, to provide an understanding of the company’s new value proposition.

Similarly, we have kept the concept of the Working catalogue this year, which is fundamental in its design. This time around, each product family is presented with a three-part introduction: “love, understand and decide”, including all the technical information and photos of the product. We have also added new photometries with further information and some custom-made projects, as well as other new features.

It is also worth noting the Highlights section for each segment, which we have included in the catalogue to boost projects with an approach based on the challenge of highlighting specific aspects. The segments with a Highlights section include General Lighting, Retail, Hospitality and Architectural Outdoor.

We hope that this year’s working catalogue is, once again, a good tool and easy-to-use, and we hope it brings a year filled with success, where we can continue working together.

You can request the new price list by contacting our sales team, at the contact section of our website or by sending a request to [email protected].

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