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#WorktitudeForWellbeing: Lamp +, the new integrative lighting service from Lamp

Lamp offers a new integrative lighting service focused on the end user, to contribute to people's well-being by means of lighting.

Based on the concept that an integrative lighting project is designed according to biological human needs, integrating the non-visual and visual effects of light, Lamp + offers technical support and advice to clients in order to maximise the effects of the implemented lighting solution, taking into account the emotional and biological effects that light has on people due to the following actions:

  • Well-being improvement, including the end user's physical, mental, and emotional well-being;
  • Reconnecting with nature and natural body cycles;
  • Synchronisation of indoor areas with the environment;
  • Generation of atmospheres to emotionally connect with the user;
  • Flexible customisation of light for every moment;
  • Elimination of harmful emissions of light to favour adequate lighting comfort;
  • Ecodesign and circular economy principles considered as a priority.

In order to offer the most appropriate integrative lighting solution for each project, the Lamp + service provides clients with support from 4 different areas, according to the specific needs of each project and user:

1) Definition of the most optimal Well-being strategies for each space and user by understanding each project's needs and considering the type of user as well as the usability of spaces. In close collaboration with our client, our team of specialists will make a basic proposal that takes this integrative vision of light into account;

2) Presentation of technical aspects in detail thanks to technology consulting supported by melanopic calculations, some light itineraries will be defined to improve the experience of users indoors and fulfil the requirements of the light design project. Providing the necessary technical documentation to demonstrate compliance with the latest qualitative regulations focused on people's well-being;

3) Project implementation, thanks to a commissioning that will ensure the correct operation and commitment to the original lighting project.

4) Follow up, It consists of a system maintenance and update stage, adapting the installed solution to new needs that may arise.

Lamp + helps all those professionals who want to add value to their projects by means of lighting, considering light as a fundamental pillar in the creation of environmental comfort and collaborating to improve the quality of indoors for users.

For this reason, we have also created a space for sharing and disseminating knowledge called Light and Well-being on the Lamp + landing page that compiles both our own content and articles written by several experts in the field. We invite you to visit the page and learn more.

For more information about the service, or if you want to be part of our collaborator network and commit to the dissemination of lighting culture and its impact on well-being, do not hesitate to contact us through the form included in the landing page or in the Contact section of our website.

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