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The SETI family of LED bollards was designed to light private areas and hotels. Due to its minimalist design, it blends in perfectly in any outdoor space in residential neighbourhoods.

SETI is available in 3 versions according to the bollard’s height and the type of lighting: SOFT or SPOT, with a colour temperature of 3000K. The SOFT model is furnished with a grille for ambient, and the SPOT model is designed to direct the light flow toward the ground with a marked beam of light. Depending on application needs, light toward either one or two sides may be chosen.

The entire family has an IP65 degree of protection and is made with aluminum profile extrusion with two outer finishes, texturized black and anthracite grey, and a texturized white or black inner finish.

Custom-made possibilities

4000 K
4000 K

Max. 1200



Seti soft 500
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
103410144W3000K27-Textured anthracite500mm280Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410124W3000K47-Black500mm280Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410043W3000K19-Textured anthracite500mm245Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410023W3000K39-Black500mm245Non-adjustableFloor surface
Seti soft 900
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
1034103415W3000K47-Textured anthracite900mm490Non-adjustableFloor surface
1034103215W3000K82-Black900mm490Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410246W3000K41-Textured anthracite900mm525Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410226W3000K83-Black900mm525Non-adjustableFloor surface
Seti soft 1200
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
1034105413W3000K101-Textured anthracite1200mm1050Non-adjustableFloor surface
1034105213W3000K176-Black1200mm1050Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410449W3000K88-Textured anthracite1200mm735Non-adjustableFloor surface
103410429W3000K116-Black1200mm735Non-adjustableFloor surface
Seti spot 500
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
103411144.2W3000K160-Textured anthracite500mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411124.2W3000K214-Black500mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411042.4W3000K80-Textured anthracite500mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411022.4W3000K107-Black500mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface
Seti spot 900
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
103411344.2W3000K160-Textured anthracite900mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411324.2W3000K214-Black900mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411242.4W3000K80-Textured anthracite900mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411222.4W3000K107-Black900mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface
Seti spot 1200
CodeWKlm outGearFinishingHeightlmGear
103411544.2W3000K160-Textured anthracite1200mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411524.2W3000K214-Black1200mm320Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411442.4W3000K80-Textured anthracite1200mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface
103411422.4W3000K107-Black1200mm160Non-adjustableFloor surface

No results found for the current filters.

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