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New product launch: Lamptub 60 and Nomadic System, the modular lighting system by Lamp

Jun 1 2021

Introducing two of the main new products that complete Lamp's range of lighting solutions: Nomadic System and Lamptub 60, coinciding with the updated Digital Working 2021 tool which is available from today on Lamp's website catalogue section.

Lamptub 60: the renewed expression of a classic that adapts to the needs of constantly evolving demanding spaces.

Lamptub 60 is the redesign of its predecessor, the classic Lamptub 80 luminaire with a circular area, which came into being more than 25 years ago.

This new family of Lamptub 60 linear luminaires not only represents an aesthetic and technological update, its essence has been reinvented to respond to the new needs of constantly evolving demanding spaces, thanks to its lighting versatility and its multiple installation options.

Some of the aspects of this large family to be highlighted are:

  • Visual comfort: With Opal and Opal Confort diffuser options for better lighting control and glare reduction.
  • Photobiological safety: Luminaire classified as 'risk-free' (RG0) according to the Photobiological Risk standard UNE 62471.
  • Technological variety: Different levels of Lamp's technology gradient in different colour temperatures (2,700, 3,000 and 4,000K) and tunable whites.
  • Versatility: Multiple installation possibilities such as surface or suspended track for integration into Nomadic System, or suspended track with recessed or surface-mounted rose.
  • Sustainability: Manufactured from recycled extrusion aluminium.

The LAMPTUB 60 luminaire, in addition to the black and white finish options, comes with two new palettes of finishes that promote sociability, well-being, emotion, and connection with nature: Wellbeing and Be Social palette, giving the option of two-tone configurations, thanks to the combination of their end covers.

LAMPTUB 60 was one of the products selected in the 2020 Delta Awards, awarded by the Industrial Design Association of Fostering Arts and Design (ADI-FAD).

Nomadic System

In order to respond to new lighting challenges, at Lamp we have conceptualised and designed the Nomadic System, creating a modular lighting concept that provides the space with an integrated infrastructure that makes it possible to adopt a multitude of lighting configurations.

Nomadic System is compatible with the Hance, Kombic Surface, Lamptub 60 and Stormbell 80 luminaires, another of LAMP's upcoming new launches.

This type of flexible, adaptable, and dynamic lighting makes it possible to customise the environmental options depending on the user's preference and the needs of the task to be performed, as well as to adapt to spatial transformations. This is a break from the traditional paradigm of lighting based on rigid matrices of luminaires incapable of adapting to different spatial configurations.

These are some of the benefits of Nomadic System:

  • Versatile design: Lighting that adapts to the needs of architectural and lighting design.
  • Technological variety: Multiple options to cover any need.
  • Integration in space: Modular system that facilitates any composition and is easily integrated into multiple ceiling types.
  • Easy installation: Simplification in the coordination of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) installations and assembly.
  • Dynamism: Lighting system that easily adapts to special configuration changes.
  • Sustainability: Designed within a circular economy concept that facilitates the recovery and reuse of luminaires. In addition, it is a highly efficient system from an energy perspective, giving priority to the use of sustainable materials.

2021 Digital Working Extension  

All the latest launches are included in the update that is now available on the website's download page.

The new products included in this update are:

  • Launches:
  • Lamptub 60;
  • Nomadic System;
  • Fine LED G2.


  • Family extensions:
  • Fil 35 MO: Models with increased luminous flux, for spaces that require a general lighting level with maximum integration;
  • Fil 45 (Direct-Indirect) with Tunable White technology (2700-6500K) and Tunable White Wellbeing with circadian stimulation;
  • Imag MS spotlight with multispectral technology.

This new version of the 2021 Working Digital Catalogue maintains the interactive navigation functionality:

  • Interactive table of contents by range to access product pages more quickly;
  • Direct links to Lamp's website with extended information on the product and works;
  • Direct link to the product download area, simplifying access to any enquiry with regard to technical information, photometries, technical data sheets, pictures, among others;

The 2021 Working Digital Catalogue update can be downloaded on the Lamp website's catalogue section.

The extended Price List can be requested by contacting a sales representative or through the contact section on our website.



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