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STORMBELL is a family of LED pendant downlights for indoor use. Due to its design, it is an ideal solution for lighting shops, hotels, restaurants, etc.

STORMBELL is comprised of a white or black lacquered aluminium extruded lamp body with two types of light outputs, beam angles Flood or Wide Flood and two colour temperatures (3000K or 4000K). Depending on the application, it has a direct light CORE, or the model STORMBELL DECO with a light diffuser effect at the junction of the CORE and the reflector. The reflectors/diffusers are made of special polycarbonate for LED and have three types of finish that offer different lighting possibilities: white, black and opal. The luminaire has an IP20 degree of protection and class I electrical insulation.

The luminaire must always be installed suspended at a maximum of 3m. Accessories may also be incorporated to make the setting more comfortable for the eye.


CodeWKlm outGearFinishinglmGear
1044100139º25W3000K2402-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044000139º25W4000K2468-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044102139º44W3000K3690-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044002139º44W4000K3793-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044101157º25W3000K2492-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044001157º25W4000K2561-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044103157º44W3000K3795-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044003157º44W4000K3900-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
Stormbell deco
CodeWKlm outGearFinishinglmGear
1044103259º44W3000K4707-Black5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044103059º44W3000K4707-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044102239º44W3000K4152-Black5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044102039º44W3000K4152-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044101258º25W3000K2985-Black3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044101058º25W3000K2985-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044100239º25W3000K2648-Black3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044100039º25W3000K2648-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044003259º44W4000K4837-Black5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044003059º44W4000K4837-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044002239º44W4000K4267-Black5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044002039º44W4000K4267-White5000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044001258º25W4000K3068-Black3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044001058º25W4000K3068-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044000239º25W4000K2722-Black3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended
1044000039º25W4000K2722-White3000Non-adjustableCeiling suspended

No results found for the current filters.