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Moody is a family of recessed LED downlights for HOSPITALITY interior lighting applications that stands out for its versatility.

The family is made up of two CORES of two different outputs: CORE Moody 800 and CORE Moody 1700, with different beam angles (SP, MFL, FL), three colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K or 4000K) and two CRIs (CRI 80 for 3000 and 4000; and CRI 90 for 2700K).

The body is made of injected aluminium with a cataphoresis surface treatment and incorporates the COB technology. The CORE is to be combined with the Moody reflector, with a choice of 5 different possibilities: fixed, adjustable, asymmetrical round, fixed square or mini round. The reflector is made of injected polycarbonate, and is available in texturized white, texturized black, silver metallized or copper metallized.

With an IP20 and IP55 protection levels and class II insulation.

Controllable under the Casambi protocol.

Custom-made possibilities

Dimmable 1-10V
Dimmable 1-10V
Dimmable PUSH
Dimmable PUSH
Bluetooth control
Bluetooth control
Colour rendering index
Colour rendering index

CRI 90 /​ 80

Tunable White
Tunable White


Moody Core 800
CodeWKCRIlm outGearFinishinglmGear
MO208FL830DB36º5W3000K80533DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208FL830TB36º5W3000K80533Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208FL840DB36º5W4000K80565DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208FL840TB36º5W4000K80565Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208FL927DB36º5W2700K90435DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208FL927TB36º5W2700K90435Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208SP830DB17º5W3000K80533DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208SP830TB17º5W3000K80533Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208SP840DB17º5W4000K80565DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208SP840TB17º5W4000K80565Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208SP927DB17º5W2700K90435DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208SP927TB17º5W2700K90435Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208WF830DB55º5W3000K80533DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208WF830TB55º5W3000K80533Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208WF840DB55º5W4000K80565DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208WF840TB55º5W4000K80565Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
MO208WF927DB55º5W2700K90435DALIBlack800Adjustable DALI
MO208WF927TB55º5W2700K90435Adjustable TRIACBlack800Adjustable TRIAC
Moody Core 1700
CodeWKCRIlm outGearFinishinglmGear
MO215FL830DB36º12W3000K801137DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215FL830TB36º12W3000K801137Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215FL840DB36º12W4000K801204DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215FL840TB36º12W4000K801204Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215FL927DB36º12W2700K90927DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215FL927TB36º12W2700K90927Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215SP830DB17º12W3000K801137DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215SP830TB17º12W3000K801137Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215SP840DB17º12W4000K801204DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215SP840TB17º12W4000K801204Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215SP927DB17º12W2700K90927DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215SP927TB17º12W2700K90927Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215WF830DB55º12W3000K801137DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215WF830TB55º12W3000K801137Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215WF840DB55º12W4000K801204DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215WF840TB55º12W4000K801204Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC
MO215WF927DB55º12W2700K90927DALIBlack1700Adjustable DALI
MO215WF927TB55º12W2700K90927Adjustable TRIACBlack1700Adjustable TRIAC

No results found for the current filters.

Moody Round
CodeWKCRIlm outGearFinishinglmGear
MORFRD100FXC------Matte copper--
Moody IP55
CodeWKCRIlm outGearFinishinglmGear

Light applications


Museo Tysen

Centre Pompidou


Lamp Solution

Oficines Minera Angloamerican

Minera Angloamerican Offices

Santiago, Chile,Chile

Lamp Solution


Clinica Manrique Pedraza

Manrique Pedraza Clinic


Lamp Solution

Fine led strip IP20

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