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Lamp Awards 2008

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Centro de artes escénicas en el Retiro

Students Proposals
Madrid, Spain

The project appears in a space where the Park-City duality meet. It is an attempt of union between the high hill of San Blas with the urban part of Atocha, very disconnected at present. In this way it is the building itself that serves as a connector between this duality.

Therefore the project will have two characters, one soft green and quiet, derived from the park and another harder, gray and urban. There is a break in two worlds of opposite character, however these two types of sensations are integrated side by side creating a unit.

The park penetrates the building and becomes the roof-lookout, seeking an opening towards the city. When supporting the building in the strong slope, it seems to disappear in a green mantle, in this way we are giving a new public space to the city.