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Hance 2000 Surface DALIHS1SF20MF830DBBHANCE SUR 2000 WW MFL DALI BK.

Multi-directional for surface mounting projector model HANCE SUR 2000 WW MFL BK., LAMP brand. Made of textured black color painted injected aluminium. Passive dissipation for a proper thermal management. Model for LED COB, with warm white colour temperature and control gear included. With Meidum Flood high purity aluminium reflector. Insulation class I.
Color temperature:
Lumen output:
Adjustable DALI
Texturised black RAL 9011
Lumen LED:

Photometric data

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Product variants

CodeWKCRIlm outGearFinishinglm
HS1SF20SP840DBW16º18W4000K801667Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20SP840DBB16º18W4000K801667Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20SP830DBW16º18W3000K801707Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20SP830DBB16º18W3000K801707Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20MF840DBW24º18W4000K801703Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20MF840DBB24º18W4000K801703Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20MF830DBW24º18W3000K801760Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20MF830DBB24º18W3000K801760Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20FL840DBW36º18W4000K801560Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20FL840DBB36º18W4000K801560Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20FL830DBW36º18W3000K801445Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90102000
HS1SF20FL830DBB36º18W3000K801445Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90112000
HS1SF20SS940DBW10º13W4000K90737Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90101000
HS1SF20SS940DBB10º13W4000K90737Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90111000
HS1SF20SS930DBW10º13W3000K90652Adjustable DALITexturised white RAL 90101000
HS1SF20SS930DBB10º13W3000K90652Adjustable DALITexturised black RAL 90111000

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