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Jury '17

Banner web Lamp Awards 2017 ok


  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Jury_Kaoru_Mende_ bn_web Kaoru Mende. Lighting Designer and President of the Jury. (Japan)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Jury_Gustavo_Aviles_bn_web Gustavo Avilés. Lighting Designer. (Mexico)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Jury_Colin_Ball bn_web Colin Ball. Lighting Designer. (UK)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Jury_Anna_Sbokou_ bn_web Anna Sbokou. Lighting Designer. (Greece)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Jury_Rafael_Gallego_bn_webRafael Gallego. Lighting Designer and APDI President. (Spain)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Odile_Decq_bcn_web Odile Decq. Architect. (France)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Joan_Roig_bcn_web Joan Roig. Architect. (Spain)
  • Lamp_Awards_2017_Stefano_Colli_bcn_web Stefano Colli. Interior Designer. (Italy)