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Lamp Lighting launches the new Working and Price List 2017

The new Lamp Lighting Price List and the new Working 2017 will come into force on February 13th.

The new Price List brings together 2,125 references whereof 173 are new for this year. All these references are grouped into 87 product families including 13 of them which are new or they have had a range extension. Moody, Stormbell, Mun, Seti... are products you will hear about this year ;)

On the other hand, we've continued this year with the concept of Working in which its design is fundamental. This year we present each range of products with an introduction made of three parts: "to love, to understand and to decide" where you'll find more pictures and technical information of the product. Also, we've added new photometry with more information and some custom-made projects, amongst other novelties. Have a look at it here!

Lamp Lighting also gives you the chance to request the 2017 price list through the requests' section online or by sending a request to marketing@lamp.es.