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Latest news

  • R&D on the subject of people's healthcare

    At Lamp Lighting we work every day to offer better products and services to our clients. And the result of a job well done has meant that all models in the KOMBIC family have been classed as free of photobiological risk! Good job technical department ;)

  • Mun, light to watch and light to contemplate

    The perception of light is a sensory experience, which encompasses both purely physical aspects and other emotive aspects. As such we may understand light as a tool for meeting the requirements of purely technical and functional aspects at the service of an area, but we can also use it as tool to generate surroundings and which functions as an element which provides information in itself. Light to watch and light to contemplate. Why not incorporate both views in the same family?

  • Moody, just play

    The story of a tool created for the interior designer to play.

  • The Minister for Business and Expertise in the Government of Catalonia visits Lamp Lighting

    Today we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from the Honourable Mr. Jordi Baiget, Minister for Business and Expertise in the Government of Catalonia and from Ms. Núria Betriu, Director General of Industry and Managing Director of ACCIÓ.

  • Seti, more than just a sculpture

    More than an outdoor bollard, Seti is a vertical lighting system geared to covering several formats and different forms of lighting.