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Solutions 01

What is light without darkness and darkness without light? What are we without you? This is how Lamp Lighting Solutions 01 starts, a book about the most representative projects in which the product is the storyline.

True to our company values, each product has been chosen for having 100% Lamp Lighting identity. Through its history, it is explained how the product was born, with sketches, design details and applications in construction. And that is so how, for example, we reveal the story of a concept that had to find a luminaire to house it, we learn that light reveals shape, we play at lighting from end to end...

And with the conviction that each work has and must have its own soul and its lighting must be consistent with the emotions it aims to convey, the book ends with a section of custom-made works spread worldwide. The definition of "Lighting Solutions" in images.

We hope this is the first of many to come! And we will achieve it together!