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CAD Symbols

Catalogue DWG
Download entire catalog todo_cad.zip

Recessed Downlights DWG
Puzzle 3_cad.zip
Konic 4_cad.zip
Ring 7_cad.zip
Mini konic 125_cad.zip
Kubic 93_cad.zip
Kombic 221_cad.zip
Kombic Square 222_cad.zip
Domo 220 G2/Trimless /Asymmetric 229_cad.zip
Domo Square G2 230_cad.zip
Mini Puzzle 136_cad.zip
Domo 160 196_cad.zip
Domo 120 218_cad.zip
Mini Kubic 178_cad.zip

Surface Downlights DWG
Kombic Surface 237_cad.zip
Maui 207_cad.zip
Train 214_cad.zip

Spotlights and Tracks DWG
Carril Trifasico 15_cad.zip
Dot 228_cad.zip
Maui 208_cad.zip
Look 212_cad.zip
Imag 213_cad.zip

Wall mounted DWG
Ambient. Ambient L.C. 96_cad.zip
Trace 225_cad.zip
Maui G2 209_cad.zip

Modular systems DWG
Lamptub 26_cad.zip
Fil Med 126_cad.zip
Fil 86_cad.zip
Dot 232_cad.zip
Metro 130_cad.zip
Fil Led G2 227_cad.zip
Fil + 181_cad.zip
Fine Leds Strip 206_cad.zip
Fil+ Led 215_cad.zip

Recessed Luminaires DWG
Slim Led 210_cad.zip
Plat G2 205_cad.zip

Healthcare Lighting DWG
Hermética 40_cad.zip
Clinic 149_cad.zip
Personalized Clinic Gas 179_cad.zip

Industrial DWG
Iron 233_cad.zip

Bollard DWG
B-Side Led 158_cad.zip
B-Side 159_cad.zip

Wall mounted DWG
Nic 160_cad.zip
B-Side Led 161_cad.zip

Recessed DWG
Trace IP65 234_cad.zip
Xtrema 155_cad.zip
Gap 198_cad.zip

Recessed Downlights DWG
Gap 200_cad.zip

Modular Systems DWG
Bazz 236_cad.zip
Step Air 81_cad.zip
Step 144_cad.zip
Bauline G2 182_cad.zip
Bauline Air G2 183_cad.zip

Luminaires DWG
Proa 58_cad.zip
Mini Flut 231_cad.zip
Mini Proa 131_cad.zip
Flut 226_cad.zip

Spotlights DWG
Shot 290 / Shot 380 105_cad.zip
Mini Shot Led / Shot Led 184_cad.zip

Road And Urban Lighting DWG
Owl 224_cad.zip
Mini Eco 164_cad.zip
Niu Led 201_cad.zip
Niu 202_cad.zip
Smap 185_cad.zip
CAD Symbols

To assist you with your projects, LAMP offers a CAD library of its product range. These two-dimensional symbols are designed to imitate the design and size of the original luminaires, thus providing valuable information on their final look.