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Work with us

Work with us

LAMP firmly believes that its most important assets are its employees and its customers.

The company's workforce of qualified employees naturally focus their efforts around the following points:

  • To work with enthusiasm, quality, professionalism and honesty.
  • To encourage teamwork, since we give our best when we work together.
  • To act always with the aim of providing solutions.

We make every effort to offer all our staff the best possible quality of life, great promotion opportunities and continuing professional education.

Work with us

It is one of the company's key policies to comply with employment regulations at all times. We also have a commitment toward the disabled, adapting the workplace (within reasonable limits) when so required.

If you feel identified with these corporate values and would like to form part of LAMP, please send your CV at the following e-mail address: rrhh@lamp.es

The information submitted will be forwarded to the heads of each department for study and assessment. LAMP undertakes not to forward your personal information for advertising or statistical purposes and, naturally, to ensure maximum professional discretion in all its actions.