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Collaboration agreements

Aiming to be closer to their customers, Lamp Lighting has signed cooperation agreements with the following institutions:

  • APDI logo

    APDI (Professional Lighting Designers Association)

  • ACE logo

    ACE (Association des Concepteurs lumière et Eclairagistes)

  • SLL

    SLL (The Society of Light and Lighting)

  • DIA logo

    DIA (Lighting Designers Association)

  • asdeluz 2

    ASDLUZ (Lighting Designers Association Colombia)

  • ACDL

    ACDL (Colombian Association of Lighting)

  • AGI

    AGI (Guatemalan Association of Lighting)

  • lighting detectives 2


  • EILD logo

    EILD (Encuentro Iberoamericano de Lighting Design)

  • logo upc 2

    UPC (Master Lighting Design - Catalonia Polytechnic University)

  • masterdia 2015 ok ok

    MASTERDIA (Lighting Design Master. Titol of the Polytechnic Madrid University)

  • ETSAB ok

    ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture)


    CICAT (Catalonia Lighting Cluster)

  • cetib ok 2015

    CETIB (Barcelona College of Engineers)

  • ACI

    ACI (Installations Consultants Association)

  • eibcn logo

    EIBCN (Escola Gremial d'Instal·ladors d'Electricitat i Fontaneria)

  • scalae ok

    SCALAE (Documental Agence of Architecture)

  • Elisava

    ELISAVA (School of Design)

  • cecot


  • logo cambra

    La Cambra (Terrassa Chamber of Commerce)

  • orbital 40

    ORBITAL 40 (Science and Technology Park of Terrassa)

  • institut ramon llull


  • euncet ok


  • ecotic logo


All these allows Lamp Lighting give a wide technical information to professionals on all lighting solutions, as well as lighting courses and conferences.