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Mun Light 780

MUN is a family made up of a range of surface-mounted downlights and a range of wall mounted. Due to its different sizes it is possible to create different lighting setups. The MUN LIGHT (downlight) range is designed for general indoor lighting and may be ceiling-mounted or suspended. This range is comprised of three models differentiated by its diameter: MUN LIGHT 780, MUN LIGHT 480 and MUN LIGHT 300, in which the LED power, color temperature (3000K or 4000K) and outer luminaire diameter vary. It is aimed at lighting projects with a good lm output. The luminaire body is made of extruded aluminum and curved with a special manufacturing process. The diffuser is made of opal polycarbonate especially for LED. MUN is available in texturized white or texturized graphite and are ideal for applications such as hotels, restaurants, shops, homes...

Data Sheet

Reference Luminaire Sheet
10540000 MUN LIGHT SUR Ø780 6700 NW WH. 10540000-EN.pdf
10540002 MUN LIGHT SUR Ø780 6700 NW GRH. 10540002-EN.pdf
10540050 MUN LIGHT SUS Ø780 6700 NW WH. 10540050-EN.pdf
10540052 MUN LIGHT SUS Ø780 6700 NW GRH. 10540052-EN.pdf
10541000 MUN LIGHT SUR Ø780 6700 WW WH. 10541000-EN.pdf
10541002 MUN LIGHT SUR Ø780 6700 WW GRH. 10541002-EN.pdf
10541050 MUN LIGHT SUS Ø780 6700 WW WH. 10541050-EN.pdf
10541052 MUN LIGHT SUS Ø780 6700 WW GRH. 10541052-EN.pdf


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