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Surface IP67 light fixture for wall washing. Silver anodized extruded aluminium housing and silver-grey polyester lacquered cast aluminium end caps. Silver screen-printed polycarbonate front trim. Neutral white and warm white LED models available. 

Data Sheet

Reference Luminaire Sheet
5741723 BAULINE G2 AIR 2500 WW SP AND. 5741723-EN.pdf
5741733 BAULINE G2 AIR 2500 NW SP AND. 5741733-EN.pdf
5741743 BAULINE G2 AIR 2500 WW MFL AND. 5741743-EN.pdf
5741753 BAULINE G2 AIR 2500 NW MFL AND. 5741753-EN.pdf
5741823 BAULINE G2 AIR 5000 WW SP AND. 5741823-EN.pdf
5741833 BAULINE G2 AIR 5000 NW SP AND. 5741833-EN.pdf
5741843 BAULINE G2 AIR 5000 WW MFL AND. 5741843-EN.pdf
5741853 BAULINE G2 AIR 5000 NW MFL AND. 5741853-EN.pdf
Reference Accessory Sheet
9600053 ACC. ADJ EXTEN WALL ARM GR. 9600053-EN.pdf
9600063 ACC. ADJ WALL ARM GR. 9600063-EN.pdf


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