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SHOT 380 projector

SHOT 380 projector with a faceted reflector for accent lighting. Injected aluminium body, lacquered in texturised grey polyester. Provided with a thermal shock-resistant tempered glass protector, stainless steel screws and silicone joints that give it a protection grade of IP65. For HST, HSE and HIT lamps.

Data Sheet

Reference Luminaire Sheet
7501453 SHOT 380 CL.II HSE E27 70W WFL GR. 7501453-EN.pdf
7501573 SHOT 380 CL.I HIT G12 250W SSP GR. 7501573-EN.pdf
7501583 SHOT 380 CL.I HIT G12 250W SP GR. 7501583-EN.pdf
7501593 SHOT 380 CL.I HIT G12 250W MFL GR. 7501593-EN.pdf
7501463 SHOT 380 CL.I HIT G12 150W SP GR. 7501463-EN.pdf
7501473 SHOT 380 CL.I HIT G12 150W MFL GR. 7501473-EN.pdf
Reference Accessory Sheet
7507742 SHOT 380 ACC. ANTIGLARE CIRCULAR 7507742-EN.pdf
7507752 SHOT 380 ACC. ANTIGLARE SCREEN 7507752-EN.pdf


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